Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ecuador P127e - 10,000 Sucres 14.12.1998

10,000 Sucres 14.12.1998

Obverse: Vicente Rocafuerte y Bejarano (1.5.1783 - 16.5.1847) was an influential figure in Ecuadorian politics and President of Ecuador from 10.9.1834 to 31.1.1839.

Reverse: Monumento a la Independencia, QuitoThis monument was unveiled by President Eloy Alfaro on 10.8.1906. It is a neo-classical work dedicated to the patriots who fought for Ecuador's Independence. It was designed by the Italian Juan Bautista Minghetti, cast by Adriático Frioli and assembled by Francisco Durini. The sculpture represents Independence and depicts a laurel-crowned woman with the consular fasces in one hand and a torch in the other. The victory over the Spanish colonial troops is wonderfully represented by a triumphant condor holding a broken chain link in his beak, and by the fleeing Iberian lion which is limping away, dragging its cannons and standards as it goes.

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